Heavy Goods Vehicle Accident Claims

Most of the road accidents that occur in Britain are caused by regular-sized vehicles and buses. It’s seldom to hear lorries or HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicle) being involved in one, but when they are, one can clearly imagine the potential damage. Lorries and HGVs can weigh several tonnes, and the weight alone can already mean extensive damage on the vehicle and, most of all, the driver and any passengers. Often, injuries caused to people from an accident involving an HGV can be described as moderate to severe.

It is a part of life that road accidents do happen, and the risk to those who commute regularly are clear to see. However, it’s a totally different ball game when such accidents are caused by another party’s negligence.

What Should You Do If Involved In An Accident?

If you find yourself in an HGV accident, the first thing you have to do is to get yourself treated. The longer you wait, the more serious any sustained injuries can become. When you start recovering, that’s when you start gathering the documents related to the accident.

By now there should already be a police report. If not, file one. Try to seek witnesses within the area the accident took place. The UK has one of the highest numbers of CCTV cameras operated in the world. You might be able to use them to your advantage.

Then you need to contact the person and company responsible for the accident in case they haven’t done that with you yet. Normally, the insurance coverage will be used to pay for your compensation.

If you find the compensation smaller than expected, you can then file for an HGV accident claim. In this case, you have to choose a solicitor who will work with you and represent you when meeting with the third party or when you have to go to court.

How Much Could You Claim?

There’s no minimum or maximum limit when it comes to the amount you should indicate on the claim. But you need to make sure that it’s what you truly need. To help you, you can look into certain things such as the cost of any treatments and medications needed because of the accident, even after the claim is processed. If you have been out of work for some time, you can include the loss of your income, or future earnings. You can also quantify your emotional and physical pain and suffering. A solicitor can assist you in this area as well.

What If the Other Party Admits Liability?

When the claim is considered material and the solicitor accepts it, he sends a notice to the other party informing them of your demand. If they decide to admit the liability and pay you compensation, it’s possible that the claim is already over.

Meanwhile, if the other person/party doesn’t want to do that, then the claim can escalate to go to court. At this point, the Judge is the one who will decide whether you have to be compensated, and up to how much.

Settling out of court is actually a common practice and is advised by many solicitors since it shortens the claim process and also reduces stress. You also have to remember that if you lose, you need to pay for the defendant’s cost.

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