Injuries In The Armed Services

When you join the army, navy or air force, you have to accept that you are beginning a career where injuries are a distinct possibility. However, this does not mean that you are not able to access compensation if you do receive an injury in the course of duty.

Most servicemen and women who are injured in the line of duty are given some form of compensation for their injuries, however many people who are injured in circumstances outside of the theatre of war do not receive as much compensation as they deserve. These people are entitled to make military accident claims if they do not feel like they have been fairly compensated for the injuries that they have suffered.

If you have been injured in any of the circumstances mentioned below, then you should talk to an armed services accident claims specialist who can help you to find out whether you have the opportunity to make a claim.

Equipment Failure

As a serviceman or woman, you will be given equipment to use, however if this equipment malfunctions, you may end up being put in more danger. Bearing in mind that many of the pieces of equipment that you are expected to work with as part of your job are potentially dangerous anyway, so if they do go wrong, the consequences can be severe.

Faulty parachutes and underwater breathing equipment would also qualify for a claim in many circumstances. It does not matter whether your injury was caused by a malfunctioning weapon, the failure of a piece of personal protective equipment, or a problem with a military vehicle, you should still speak to an armed services claims specialist.

Training Accident

If you are in the military, training exercises are supposed to prepare you to face dangerous situations and to give you the best possible chance of survival if faced with those situations in real life. However, training exercises are supposed to include proper safeguards to ensure that you do not get injured as you train.

Although small injuries may occur, you should not face any life-altering consequences. Training exercises that have been badly designed put servicemen and women at risk. If you have been badly injured in a training accident, then you may want to speak to a military accident claims specialist to see if you would be entitled to more compensation.

Road Traffic Accident

Servicemen and women often travel in vehicles which do not have adequate seatbelts and other safety features for use on (or off) the roads. However, they are pushed to use these vehicles as they would use a normal vehicle, as well as using them in many off-road situations. This means that if there is an accident (either at home or abroad), the consequences may be worse than they should normally be.

Road traffic incidents are one of the leading causes of military accidents for service personnel who are not on an active tour of duty.

Illness (or clinical negligence)

Although the majority of illnesses are not covered by military accident claims, there are certain types of illness which may fall under this umbrella, especially if you suffer on-going or recurring consequences. For example you may have a case if you develop a preventable tropical disease (such as malaria) because the military has not provided you with anti-malarial tablets and products to keep mosquitoes away, even though you are in a known malaria zone.

Likewise, if your illness was not identified and treated properly by the military doctor, and this led to a worsening of symptoms, you may have a claim.


If you have become deaf because you have not been given adequate aural protection during your time in the military, then you may be able to make a military accidents claim.

It is the responsibility of the army to provide you with the correct personal protective equipment, and to give you training required so that you will know WHY you need to use that equipment. This includes protection for your ears when you are using any equipment which makes a loud noise.

Talk to a military accident claims specialist if you think that your deafness may have been caused by the equipment that you have been using.