Slips Trips and Falls Claims

We’re but humans, goes a proverbial statement. This is the only reason why we are extremely prone to injuries, irrespective of how careful we are in our day to day functions.

In order to avoid any kind of injuries which may occur in a public place, at your work place or at home, you should always be careful of your approach. But the question remains, what if you’re not even at fault for a slip, trip or fall? If you fall, and end up getting severely injured, who’s to blame? Who’s going to compensate you for your medical costs? In such scenarios, there is always a party who can be held responsible for negligence and carelessness and you may be therefore be able to file an accident claim for compensation. Read on to know more about such claims.

Dealing with slip, trip and fall claims

Ideally, coming to think of it, if you slip and fall at a public place, the general Government or the authority overlooking the upkeep of the public property should be held responsible for the slip, trip and fall claims. In order to make sure your injury does not get worse, you should take all the necessary precautions to get to the hospital and take the necessary steps which will aid your recovery. Under any given circumstances, your health should be of prime most priority post which you should think of filing the necessary claims with the authorities for your injury.
How to deal with slip, trip and fall claims?

Collecting evidence of the negligence is extremely important before filing a claim. If you don’t have the proof to show in the court of law, your claim would be considered baseless and you may end up having to pay out of your own pocket.

The authority will consider the steps taken by you to treat your injury. You have to take immediate steps in order to treat the injury. If you are in any way caught while trying to delay the treatment, you would be treated as a willing party to the injury which can in turn affect the compensation of the claims you make.

If possible, keep records handy. If you have received treatment in a hospital, you can ask the hospital authorities for the record of injury which can be presented in the court of law in lieu of your case.

In case of a slip, trip or a fall, you have to record the incident immediately. Ask the people around you to record the data in the best possible manner. You can even ask someone around you to make a video of the whole incident so that you have concrete proof later.

Making the slip, trip and fall claims in the court of law

After an imminent injury, you have to figure out the right authorities to file the claims.

Hire a professional injury lawyer who’s well versed with the law. Though, do make sure your lawyer captures all your facts correctly and presents them to the presiding authority in a convincing manner.

Keep your medical records with you at all times. You may be needed to go through another round of medical tests, in case the authority feels there is some kind of a disconnect from the defendant’s end.

Usually, an Injuries Board is summoned to preside over your case. If the claims being filed are held satisfactory by both the parties, the Board will issue the summons so that the case can solved amiably. In case of a disagreement, the case will be referred to the Courts and you will have to submit an application for review to the Court for the settlement of your slip, trip and fall claims.

All that can be said in the end is that nothing is more important than your health. Believe it or not, but no compensation is going to ever replace the value of a good health. So be wise, and prudent, for you should always be careful of your surroundings and the areas where you hang out.

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